Opium Barcelona


Open every day of the week; from 12 pm to 5 am

Opium is the ultimate beach club in Barcelona which has a massive beach terrace, bringing in beautiful, young crowds from all over the world. This beach clubs has a capacity of 3000 people, and yet, you can find the club completely packed every single night. This is the ultimate club you want to visit in Barcelona if you wish to enjoy some of the biggest names in the genre of EDM.

Opium Barcelona exercises one of the strictest dress codes amongst all of the clubs in Barcelona.  Sophistication and exclusivity ring through every aspect of this nightclub; and all its patrons. High heels, glamorous clothes, champagne glasses in hand, and designer labels is what you will find all around club Opium.

The décor of the club is extremely chic and sleek, attracting celebrities on many occasions. The chrome and glass tables, white satin couches and huge collection of fancy cocktails are just some of the aspects of this exclusive club which are so unique and attractive.