Boeing 747-8 VIP


The longest and second largest airliner ever built (and one of Boeing’s bestselling models), this plane’s price tag excludes the luxury amendments that are fitted post-purchase. The interiors of the private jet are built by Greenpoint Technologies and only the finest materials are used. The private plane has two lounges and a dining room, a stateroom with its own lounge, and a sizable office and state-of-the-art conference room.

One client who bought a reportedly spent an additional $200 million pimping his ride with luxury must-haves like fully equipped bathrooms, a private living room and master suite with magnificent views of the changing sky. There’s also a guest cabin with a luxury en-suite bathroom. Other amenities are a private office and generous meeting room, big-screen TVs, two living areas with sofas, and a dining room for 14 people. This long-legged aircraft can hit a speed of 645 miles per hour and has an impressive range of 9,200 miles.

In fact this plane is so impressive that the U.S. Air Force announced in 2017 that the two Boeing 747-200s being used as presidential planes – Air Force One and Air Force Two – will be retired in favor of Boeing 747-8s. To save on the price tag, the Air Force has bought jets originally destined for the bankrupt Russian airline Transaero. Once the jets have been retrofitted with mandatory telecommunications and security equipment, their worth could be as high as $660 million – that’s what it takes to equip an aircraft to survive earthquakes, meteor strikes, nuclear war and terrorist attacks.

Other add-ons are likely to include a mobile hospital with specialist doctors and an operating theater for on-board medical emergencies. The aircraft will be equipped to deploy flares to counter heat-seeking missiles, ECM (electronic countermeasures), and radar-jamming technology, as well as being able to refuel mid-air up to 35,000 feet. The 100-passenger, 26-crew plane has a jaw-dropping 85 phones, 238 miles of electronic wiring, 19 TVs, a variety of computer connections, and two-way radios.