Nikki Beach is the beach club in Marbella that gave a point to start to other clubs, a pioneer in the subject we could say. It’s the one setting the standards for the others beach clubs on trends. And what they put a bar which others should try to get up to that or above. In their restaurant you will find a menu with delicious local Spanish food. But their specialty is without doubt the sea food, and is necessary to say that is consider the best one in Marbella. They also include sushi in their menu along with other exquisite proteins such as chicken, lamb and pork, the best from the sea and the best from the ground.

Now focusing on what makes beach clubs, as important and unique as they are, parties. The parties are something that a beach club must have, and the ones in Marbella certainly does. In the case of Nikki Beach Club they have a reputation of giving the most fabulous parties.